In the last two years, the look on the result of the shape and appearance of the nail has changed significantly, and the natural looking nail with perfect finish is becoming a trend. In addition, full action must be fast and low cost. Rough nails have long since gone out of fashion. Trends are natural-looking gel nails.

World-quality gels

Since 2009, we have brought a revolutionary quality of nail design products to the Slovak market, based on more than 20 years of know-how of a leading laboratory equipped with the latest production technology. We emphasize the quality and safety of all nail gels and other products from our production. The latest technologies and knowledge have helped to create an excellent and modern Prestige line.

Ultra-long life and flexibility

All TRUSCADA gels bring you the secret of beautiful, thin-layered nail modeling with excellent grip while preserving the greatest naturalness. Specialties of our Gels Truscada is their unprecedented ultra-long life that will please every nail designer and her customer. Another excellent property of gels is their excellent flexibility, which makes the modeling easier and adapts to problem nails.

Latest trends in nail design

In addition, our gels follow the latest trends in nail design and constantly strive to adapt to the needs of our clients. Shifting from traditional gels to our brand gels is a significant move towards modern world-class modeling.

Quality for excellent price

Our nail gels offer you:

  • the gentle natural look of the nail that is IN
  • thin application due to the solid and optimum viscosity of our gels
  • fast and perfect hardening
  • all gels are high quality for professionals
  • a simple application that results in a delicate and beautiful honey nail effect

Exclusive top quality products for nail design. These gels are ULTRA DURABLE.

Quality management certificate

Prestige line

Exclusive top quality products for nail design. These gels are ULTRA DURABLE.

Since 2009, we have been bringing great products to the european market. The revolutionary products quality for nail design based on over 20 years of know -how leading laboratory equipped with the latest production technology , which emphasizes the quality and safety of our products . The latest technology and knowledge are transformed in our PRESTIGE LINE

Let us introduce you our Prestige line

The specialty of these gels is an ultra long  life and extreme flexibility for all the nail types . Nails will remain their natural look, but will stay strong and flexible .

PRESTIGE line gels are:

  • hypo – allergenic
  • acid-free and hazardous substances
  • Excellent adhesion – not leak into the nail bed , making the modellation fast and easy, and therefore more cost effective
  • extra suitable for problematic  nails
  • great consistency for use with nail forms
  • Each product owns  microbiological and toxicological EU directives and EU safety certificate
  • Line is suitable for beginners and experienced professionals
  • highest quality components to prevent yellowing – Anti Yellow Agent
  • colourfast gels without the need of  mixing before application
  • Perfect for use as a colour gels painting colour for One Stroke technique
  • trendy colours- lots of them!
  • combinable with acrylic system

Nail design for professionals

Uv gels of PRESTIGE line are designed to provide maximum comfort for the nail technician as well as their customer . Made from the finest materials available on the market , acid , formaldehyde and hazardous substances free – which are also suitable for people with allergies .
Significant reduction of modelling time.

Become excellent nail designers

Texture and molecular composition is designed to facilitate the modelling novice nail designers. The gel has a unique texture  while it maintains the  extreme bonding strength.  Its consistency prevents the gel from leaking into the nail bed. It is self leveling which will make the work with the gel  easier and faster.

Open the door to your creativity

The molecular structure of UV gels from PRESTIGE LINE are designed to withstand the combination of gel + acrylic. You have a few options here. use gel first, then acrylics for the nail art and fix it with gel, or model the nail with acrylic system, then use one stroke colour gel, and fix it with either acrylic system or the finishing gel. It is up to you.




GEL-LAK PLUS & COLOR EFFECT GEL-POLISH  brings new beautiful vibrant pastel colours together with a choice of metallic and effect colours and at the same time our Gel-Lak Plus range offers a perfect care for natural nails ALL in one gel. The unique composition allows a combination of gel and acrylic system.

  • Wonderful  colours
  • PERFECT COVER in 1 layer
  • Gels can be combined with  Acrylics
  • USE 3 IN 1 and  2 IN 1
  • Does not leak into the nail bed
  • Self-levelling properties
  • Does not crack and peel off
  • FRIENDLY to your nails
  • Simplicity and speedy work
  • Naturally thin
  • Durability around 4 weeks

APPLICATION: GEL-LAK PLUS COLOUR & EFFECT (colour gel-polish) can be applied as a gel-coat 3in1 or 2in 1: Gently remove the shine of  the natural nail with a fine block.Apply  GEL- LAK PLUS in a thin layer and allow to harden in the lamp 3 min. Dont forget to fix it on the tip of the nail. Wipe with the cleaner to obtain gloss. To obtain the metallic gloss and glitter colours apply GEL-LAK PLUS PROTECT & SHINE gel-coat and let cure in UV or LED lamp. Use cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

TIP: If the natural nail hasnt got a perfect shape, as a first layer, apply builder gel GEL-LAK PLUS PERFECT SHAPE to achieve the required shape.With this builder gel you can extend the nail bed by using the nail forms.

GEL-LAK  PLUS PERFECT SHAPE builder  two-phase gel-polish is used to achieve the perfect shape of the nail as well as a basis for all GEL-LAK PLUS-gel coatings. Excellent for creating beautiful French manicure. Its gentle composition protects and strenghtens the nail. Great for nail forms

GEL-LAK PLUS Protect & Shine High gloss and increased protection in a gel-polish Used as a last layer and gives nail shine and protects it from the daily mechanical and chemical wear. The unique gloss can  last for about four weeks. This exceptional finishing gel can also be used with acrylics  or acrylic colours.

Acrylic system

Professional Acryl System (PAS) by Truscada

We bring you a special high-tech system connecting powder ( polymer) and Liquid ( monomer ), which provides excellent way of modeling of acrylic nails, without using a primer ,while ensuring plasticity and perfect texture. New technology presents STOP yellowing and fading element to brightening ingredients. Acrylic powders are of the softest, buttery texture and make the work with them much more enjoyable as the use is very easy.

  • non-yellowing
  • non-crystallize

Bright white acrylic powder containing optical brightening pigments. Its texture is suitable for nail art and mixing pigments or glitters. With its unique consistency is great for creating sharp lines and soft smile.

Beautiful soft, camouflage acrylic powder perfect for any nail. Perfect for the creation of a French manicure. More than suitable for extending the nail bed.

Body colour camouflage creates a beautiful porcelain effect on the nail  which masks minor nail imperfections while retaining its structure. Good for a softer French manicure.

Beautiful salmon colour camouflage gel perfectly conceals imperfections of the nail bed. Full coverage enables its maximum extension and creates the perfect shape. Perfect for  French manicure.

Limpid bright and shiny powder of the highest quality with a beautifully subtle touch of cool pink creates a beautiful porcelain effect. Softens the effect of extreme white powder SUPER WHITE.

Beautiful and radiant powder of intense semi-transparent pink colour beautifully complements French manicure while maintaining its natural look.

Limpid bright and shiny powder of the highest quality with a wonderful touch of hot pink and buttery texture is easy to apply and creates the ultimate indulgence of modeling, while preserving the natural feel and look.

Beautiful and radiant fresh powder of opaque darker pink. Beautiful heavenly pink colour suits not only the French tip, but the body of the nail too.


A new improved high-tech liquid without primer. Combining with acrylic powder creates a perfect blend for perfect acrylic nail modeling. Contains UVA and UVB – the color is not yellow and the colors do not fade. In liquide, plasticizers are available to resist impact and soften. The plasticizer serves to maintain elasticity and flexibility. Together with acrylic powders from our collection, they form the perfect PROFESSIONAL ACRYLIC SYSTEM that has been designed by the best masters.

  • 100% PRIMER FREE
  • UVA and UVB
  • non-yellowing
  • non-crystallize

Essential line

Excellent quality gels at an attractive price. Offer you can’ t miss !

Beautiful nails are perhaps the dream of every woman

There is a wide variety of modelling techniques to conjure wonderful nails according to the individual requirements of all women – employment , hobbies,  habits and so on . Truscada brings a new insight into the modelling of nails. Quality products will help you to care for your customer’s  nails, and that includes not only their artificial but also their natural nail, and all this based on the latest trends and knowledge.

We follow the trends in nail modeling

The trends of  how the finished nail should look like changes all the time, however in the last few years even the artificial nails appearance have changed and they have become more natural-looking with a perfect finish .

We put emphasis not only on the quality and price of the gel , but also on the design of the  packaging , which is not only attractive , but its shape simplifies the  handling of the gel. Let’s be honest. Don’t we all like a nice and elegant looking packaging of the products we buy? Give your customers something nice to look at (before their nails are finished of course) when they walk into your salon, or when you visit them at home.

High quality and attractive price

Gels are developed in  highly specialized laboratories  and designed by our highly qualified team.  The high quality of our products is maintained while the cost of it is not astronomical.

Now you only need to try for  yourself.

 Follow the new trends,  keep your customers happy and at the same time keep your costs down! Sound good to me! 

SPA line

Unmatched Comprehensive care of your entire body is made of quality materials and preztížnych you impresses with its excellent price and unforgettable effect.

Natural ingredients

TRUSCADA covers comprehensive care for body, hands and feet in the form of a few exceptional line characterized by prestigious quality materials, immediate effect and affordability. We focused on creating high-quality products, which is a complex composition of natural ingredients that provide an immediate effect after the first treatment.

Unique beauty treatment

Created are unique treatments that contain extracts of exotic plants and fruits, precious oils and butters. Last but not least, the entire line without parabens and other undesirable substances. Spa provides the ultimate experience and treatment is designed for all Health Centre, mamikúrne and pedicure salons, where not only puts emphasis on treatment, as well as an influx of power and perfect relaxation. The combination of the highest quality, exceptional events and sensual fragrance will bring your customers an exceptional experience.

Lines of sensual scents and special effects

Let us introduce the single lines blended with flair and precision.

Gold Honey line inspired by the breath of blooming meadows, fields and honey is extremely rich in natural ingredients with exceptional effects in vitamins, minerals, honey, flax and urea. The line contains a specific substance for the prevention of mold and excessive sweating.

Essential fruit line in the mixed perfectly with exotic fruits rich in vitamins and precious oils. Deep hydration and regeneration effects are combined with fresh sweetish scent of exoticism.

Lightweight gel consistency Natural line is distinguished with unique anti-aging properties, regeneration and deep feeling of immediate relief from swelling.

Pedicure line includes a number of medicinal ingredients, which play a key role in the professional foot care. Hydrolyzed Keratin is a perfect remedy for damaged nails cobiostab has antifungal effects and other exceptional ingredients and this line will take care of the natural balance of bacterial flora.

We believe that, the variety of these products creates a wonderful SPA rituals in your wellness center or salon and bring many satisfied customers.