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NM UV gel

“Multifunctional manicure gel 3 IN1 minimizes time with maximum effect. Unique combination of underlying Rubber base , modeling, camouflage and natural shine in one gel. Extra strong Rubber base ensures perfect adhesion even on extremely stressed nails. Beautiful camouflage gels perfectly cover imperfections and the natural shine ensures an extra natural look.This exceptional gel can be used as a stand-alone base, where it gives nails extra strength as well as a modeling phase for short nails.It is ideal for creating a beautiful BabyBoomer effect and last but not least for camouflage color adjustment for extreme shapes.Finally, we recommend using a nail polish oil.Perfect gel manicure using only 2 products.

3in1 multifunction gel
Minimize time with maximum effect.
Beautiful and natural look of gel nails.
Simple and fast application.
Strong adhesion even on stressed and brittle nails
80-90% nail bed coverage
Available in 5 beautiful shades

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